What our clients say

Leslie was amazing! I loved my three day retreat. I felt very refreshed and was kindly nurtured throughout the stay.
I highly recommend Leslie and Foxtail Retreat!

When I first contacted Foxtail Retreat my focus was to cleanse, lose weight and detox….and to also include some pampering.
Since completing the five days I feel alive. Mentally, physically and spiritually. Since undertaking the program with Leslie, I feel excited and energised and determined to rid my body of internal and topical chemicals.
It’s time for me to clean out the cupboards and focus on only natural.
It’s not always easy but I did two weeks prep beforehand to ease into it. I cut out all added sugar and focused on having light meals. This helped me with the transition.
I can recommend this detox and cleanse thoroughly. Enjoy, stay focused and you will reap the benefits.
Thanks Leslie.

My experience at foxtail retreat was amazing from start to finish. I completed a five day cleanse that included organic juices, smoothies and soup, colon hydrotherapy, essential oils, a foot spa and the infra red sauna, Plus more. The accommodation was literally 5 minutes walk away and everything was perfect! Leslie is such a beautiful woman, full of helpful information, and makes every experience relaxing and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone with full confidence knowing they would receive first class treatment and will return without a doubt.
Thanks Leslie!

After my treatment and your valuable information we are commencing a new eating regime. I am really motivated now to change our terrible eating habits and do my body a big favour.  The best thing I ever did was find your name and Foxtail Retreat on the Internet.  Rest assured I will recommend you to anyone of my friends who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.  Thank you.
Faye xx

An amazing experience!
Beautiful surroundings, calm atmosphere and a lovely lady Highly recommended

One of the best massages ever! Fantastic experience Highly recommended!

Beautiful setting, beautiful safe and completely dignified treatment. Initially apprehensive but Leslie was very calm, and reassuring. Fab hot stone massage too. Highly recommend
Deborah McGovan

It’s not that often I have an uber positive rave, but here’s one for Leslie at Foxtail Retreat at Doonan – it’s a fairly new offering since Leslie and her husband relocated from Brissie to the Sunny Coast. I’m super impressed with my experience there and super, super pleased that she has a gravity-fed open system for colonic irrigation – it’s the only one on the Sunny Coast. If you’ve never tried a gravity-fed open system I highly, highly recommend it for comfort, convenience and effectiveness. (My body prefers this 1000% over other colonic set ups.) She does a bunch of other stuff too.