Breast Implant Illness – Awareness and Healing

A woman’s decision to have breast implant augmentation is a decision often made without full awareness of the potential implications and risks. For local award-winning author Michelle Newhouse, it was no different. Assured by her doctor that silicone was inert and that implants were perfectly safe she decided to go ahead with breast enhancement surgery. Her health soon deteriorated following the procedure in 2010. Four years on, extremely sick and unable to find a medical professional in Australia to take her symptoms seriously, she flew to America for what would be an emergency life-saving operation to remove her implants.
Stories like Michelle’s are becoming increasingly common. Last year more than 20,000 women in Australia underwent breast implant augmentation, with a growing number reporting debilitating health problems. For Michelle, these stories strike a chord very close to home—the year she had implant surgery her mum died from a ‘mystery illness’. It was only when Michelle’s symptoms began to mirror her mum’s that she made the connection, both women had breast implants.
Leslie O’Halloran of Foxtail Retreat in Doonan has now teamed up with Michelle, to offer breast implant detox programs and retreats to support women recovering from breast implant illness. The first in Australia, this initiative is endorsed by a world-leading expert in the field of breast implant and explant surgery.
A series of online and retreat options are available in a blossoming community and with a range of therapies and practices.
• Online programs for women at the beginning of their journey with breast implant illness. Programs are developed using established and proven protocols as the foundation, and provide practical guidance, emotional and energetic support and remote healing.
• Detox Retreats for women ready to help detox their body after breast explant surgery. Retreats provide nurturing and relaxing body treatments such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Ionic Foot Spa, Far Infrared Sauna, Reflexology, Body Wraps and more, when visiting the retreat.
Foxtail Retreat aims to create a wonderful environment where women can come together and support each other’s healing journeys, by sharing their stories and experiences. A place to receive lots of helpful information, a nutritious lunch, herbal teas and juices/smoothies, and relaxing detox treatments for body and mind, with our team of wonderful therapists.
Located in a beautiful area of the Sunshine Coast, Foxtail Retreat is now open for bookings and will begin in the New Year with a one-day introductory Breast Implant Detox Retreat to be held in January 2019. For enquiries and bookings contact Leslie by email at [email protected]

drink your greens

Drinking our greens, and reds, and oranges and, in fact, as many colours as we can get when it comes to our fruits and vegetables, is such a wonderful way to provide our body with a huge amount of nourishment, and one of the best steps we can take for greater health and vitality – why not commit to start incorporating this wonderful practice today.

By increasing our nutritional intake, the benefits are numerous, and include- eliminating food cravings, sleeping better, balancing your hormones, increasing your energy and even shedding unwanted weight, just to name a few. Instead of focusing on a diet and cutting out foods – why not start with adding more nutritious fruit and vegetables to crowd out all the bad stuff – you won’t feel hungry and need to reach out for those unhealthy snacks if your body is getting the fuel it needs to thrive. When you create healthy habits, not restrictions, it’s easier to cut out junk food, sugar and coffee without even thinking about it.

When you drink your juices, smoothies, or soups, you can consume so much more than if you were to eat them conventionally – flooding your system with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, to recharge your body in order for it to repair and heal.

When we use a juicer or blender to whip up an enzyme laden super drink, we are breaking down the food, pre-digesting it so to speak, so that the nutrients can be absorbed more easily. This means that we are giving our digestive systems a well earned break, lowering the load so that the 65% of energy it normally takes to break down our food when eaten whole, can be used by our body to fight disease.

When making your juices, smoothies, or soups, it’s important to use a clean source of liquid – filtered water, organic coconut water and nut milks are wonderful, make green vegetables the base, stick to fruits that are low in sugar, such as berries and citrus fruits, you can add herbs and spices, sprouts and seeds and even hide the taste of those that you hate -  it’s so easy.

When it comes to deciding on whether to Juice or blend, then there are different factors to take into consideration, and it depends on what you are aiming to achieve. If you are just starting out, and only possess a blender, then start with smoothies. Although the blending process breaks the fibre apart, making it easier to digest, you are still receiving the whole food, and so it is more filling and sustains you for longer – it’s also easier to add things that are not easily juiced, like nut butters or fermented yoghurts. Its best to drink a smoothie straight away.

Juicing takes a little more preparation, time and effort – but if you are using a cold pressed juicer, then you can make more and keep them in the fridge for a few days before the enzymes start to deteriorate. When you juice, you are removing all the pulp and so it is absorbed a lot faster, giving you a supercharged boost without feeling like you’ve eaten a garden.

Juices, smoothies, soups and broth cleansing is fantastic for addressing allergies, arthritis, depression, migraines, headaches, pms, weight problems and much more – but for pregnant or nursing mothers, those taking medications or who have a serious medical condition, it is advised that they check and work with their medical health consultant.

Why Dry Skin Brushing is a good idea

Dry skin brushing is a simple, yet very effective method for stimulating our body systems and assisting in detoxification – it’s not time consuming, and best of all, except for the initial relatively low cost of a good quality brush, it’s FREE.

Dry skin brushing can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin- It’s an invigorating technique that leaves your skin feeling awake, alive and glowing

Our skin is our largest detoxification organ, and our health is often reflected in its appearance. When we are toxic our skin will appear dull, dry and blotchy – but when we are well, then our skin can glow with health.

As we get older, our skin loses its ability to renew itself as often as it does when we are younger – so it’s helpful to encourage this process of exfoliation at least a few times a week. It helps to slough off those dead skin cells that sit on the surface of our skin, that can leaving it looking dull and dry. It can assist in the breaking down of cellulite, reduce your stress levels as a form of massage, and can also help to clear any clogged pores and allow your skin to breath, which ultimately helps your skins hydration and absorption capability.

Dry body brushing will boost circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system to release toxins. Your lymphatic system acts like a river flowing through your body, collecting waste along the way and transporting it to your blood for elimination through specific organs, to help prevent you from becoming sick – If toxins are allowed to build up, then that river slows down, causing inflammation and disease – Dry skin brushing is a powerful aid for keeping your lymphatic river in flow.

Dry Skin Brushing takes around 5-10 minutes a few times a week, ideally before you shower or having a Far Infrared Sauna, and involves using short, brisk strokes towards your heart – starting at the soles of the feet and working your way up your legs, then hands and arms. Brush your back from the buttocks, up the back, and from your shoulders down. Brush around your tummy and down your chest – but never your face. It is important to be gentle, avoid sensitive areas and not to Scrub, as this would traumatise the skin so that it becomes irritated and cause inflammation.

 TIP: It is important to clean your brush with soap and water at least once a week and let it air dry to avoid any mildew accumulation on your brush.

detox, cleanse, toxin

When did you last spring clean your body?

We often clean our homes, perhaps vacumming a few times a week, dusting, mopping and laundry – but what about our body?

With all the toxins we are taking in on a daily basis, due to the chemicals in our food, water, personal products, make-up products, the air that we breath, (even our thoughts can be toxic) – it’s no wonder that our detoxification organs are struggling to cope and we start to suffer with all sorts of ailments like aches and pains, bloating, reflux, brain fog and so many more.

Detoxing is especially important for immune-compromised diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes and chronic fatigue. Embarking on a detox cleanse can help us to live happier, healthier lives, because the less work your liver has to do to detoxify additional toxins, the healthier you will be, and it doesn’t have to be a huge challenge.

Strategies to reduce toxic exposure can easily be put in to place so that it becomes common practice – there are so many simple things we can do to lessen the load and prevent toxins from harming your body.

Start with Looking around the home

It can be an overwhelming process to replace every toxic item we own, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once – perhaps as you run out of one product, you can then replace it with a friendlier alternative.

Most cleaning can be done with some basic, non toxic supplies including white vinegar, baking soda and aromatherapy oils – and there are more and more toxic free products available on the market these days, due to demand by an environmentally aware public.

  • Check out your home for pollutants like toxic candles, incense and air fresheners, and replace them by diffusing pure organic aromatherapy oils – I recommend oils from Doterra or Young Living as they are ethically sourced and of the highest quality certified therapeutic pure grade – the fact that they are therapeutic is an added bonus to the beautiful smell of these highly potent oils.
  • Be aware of EMF’s (electric magnetic fields) within your home. It is so important to turn off wireless devices when not in use, never charge or sleep with a device in your bedroom, especially near your head like on the bedside table. Use the speakerphone, talk only when the reception is strong or txt instead – or even use the landline phone. Do not stand in front of the microwave whilst using – or better still throw it away altogether.
  • Drink Filtered Water. We know that drinking plenty of water is crucial to our health – but tap water can contain all sorts of nasties including fluoride and chlorine– so investing in a good quality water filter can make a huge difference.
  • Check your Cookware – Aluminum and Teflon from coated pots has been found to transfer to food, and is linked to Alzheimer’s and Cancer – switch to Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Stone wear or Glass for a non-toxic option
  • Check for children’s toys – although lead has now been banned in paint used here, they are not as strict in places like China. Make sure that you are not storing “old” paint as this could contain lead and check your house for lead pipes – Lead can cause learning and behavioral problems, reproductive problems and kidney dysfunction.