Meet Leslie & Mike

Leslie and Mike have an avid interest in health and nutrition and want to share their knowledge to help others overcome health difficulties.

Leslie is a certified diploma trained beauty therapist who realised that health begins on the inside, and went on to study Colon Hydrotherapy in both the open and closed systems. She is a certified colonic hydrotherapist, trained by, and a member of I-ACT, the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy. Leslie has treated hundreds of clients over the past 8 years and is passionate about educating and helping others to overcome disorders of the digestive system, which she truly believes is the core of our well being.

Mike has studied exercise and nutrition and is an advocate of healthy living. He is passionate about gardening and feels there is nothing more satisfying than eating organic fruits and vegetables nurtured and grown in our own garden. He loves to experiment in the kitchen creating nutritious meals with home grown produce and organic ingredients – and enjoys preparing wonderful nutritional juices/smoothies, soups, snacks and meals for our clients.

All products used here at Foxtail Retreat are pure and natural – organic when possible.